New! URL Editing, Quick Commands, Wavebox API, & More...

Wavebox Classic Only.

This week's release has some great new features, plus a bunch of improvements and fixes to make your workday easier.

Not only have we shaved a whole second off the app start-up 🚀🥳 but we've also updated Chromium and Electron, improved support for Outlook, MixMax, Jira, Confluence and so much more. So, what else is new in this release?


Window Opener & Navigation Bar Editing

You can now quickly open a new Wavebox browser window in any account/service. Simply right-click on any icon and select 'Open a New Window in this Service' from the pop-up menu. This new window then resides under that main account/service, so any pages visited in that window are listed in the tool-tip menu for that account. You'll find this handy for doing ad-hock browsing, and for creating new pins/bookmarks from visited pages. We've also updated all Wavebox window navigation bars to support URL editing - simply click on the URL to type in your changes.


Activity Indicator

We try to make things happen as swiftly as possible in Wavebox, but sometimes there can be a little bit of a wait - which normally leads to the question "is there something happening here, or do I need to reboot?" 🤔. So we've now introduced an activity icon which appears in the sidebar bottom-left when Wavebox is busy doing stuff in the background e.g. opening a bunch of sleeping accounts.


Quick Commands

This new feature enables you to by-pass a couple of steps when carrying out certain tasks across apps. Launch the Quick Search window by clicking on Command & T, and then type in any of the following commands before hitting return;

  • /email opens up an email compose window in your chosen email app, with the 'to' field pre-filled.
  • /tweet : opens up a Twitter compose window with your text pre-filled.
  • ?twitter : displays a list of search results in the window.
  • @twitter : displays a list of search results in the window.

Why not give it a go? There are 4 quick commands to select at the moment, and we're working on adding more. If you have a Quick Command you'd like to see in Wavebox - such as creating a new board in Trello, sending a message in Slack or creating a new contact in Salesforce - then why not contribute your own command using the Wavebox Service API, which brings us nicely on to the...


Wavebox Service API

We're very fortunate to have a talented community of contributors on GitHub, and now it's even easier to add new features using our Service API. The API provides a means to inject functionality into specific pages in Wavebox and bubble up information to the Wavebox app that can be useful when specific tabs aren't available. You can use the Service API to:

  • Show an unread badge and activity on a specific service
  • Show information in the tray about unread items on a page
  • Hook into the Quick Search CmdOrCtrl+T to give keyboard actions

Find out how to Get Started with the API on GitHub. We've also added a new page for developers on our website too.

Also in this Release...
In addition to the above, this release includes general performance improvements, better window re-sizing when navigating between apps, improved Outlook compose functionality, support for recent MixMax updates, and lots more. Visit our Release Notes on GitHub for full details. As always, a massive thanks 🤗 to everyone who has been testing and providing feedback on the Beta channel. Special thanks to @nmat for testing from master. Keep your feature requests coming via the contact form on our website.

Photo credit: Imgix on Unsplash

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Susan Davies

Wavebox Co-Founder.