Version 10.0.376 Released.

πŸ†• New!

  • Apple is making waves with their new Apple Silicon and Wavebox now has optimized builds available for it on our download page.
  • Update WhatsApp to ensure sound doesn't play when notifications are muted.
  • When locking Wavebox, we'd always steal the window focus. Kind of annoying, but not anymore!
  • There were a few rough edges with the new macOS BigSur, we've smoothed those out.
  • Add "Change to app at index" keyboard shortcut.
  • Make the toolbar tabs more useful when there's lots in a row on smaller screens by shrinking everything a bit better.
  • Add "Skip this version" on Linux update dialog.

πŸ”§ Updates & Improvements

  • Update Chromium to 87.0.4280.66. This brings some awesome features into Wavebox...
  • Significant performance improvements, by prioritizing active tabs. This can result in a 5x cpu load reduction and over an hour of extra battery life.
  • Up to a 25% faster startup and 7% faster page load time on Windows.
  • The new backwards-forwards cache makes up to 20% of back-forward navigations instant.
  • Update other dependencies.
  • UI Tweaks.

πŸ› Fixes

  • Sometimes you could cancel removing a tab through a prompt. Doing this could sometimes get Wavebox a bit confused, so help with that confusion.
  • Fix collapsed sidebar sections always showing an unread indicator.
  • Fix cookie profiles getting muddled when setting Wavebox to restore sessions on restart.
  • Fix an issue where we'd stop tracking tabs properly. This potentially has all sorts of side effects, but manifested itself by not respecting opening the window in the default browser.
  • Wavebox could become laggy when opening lots of new tabs, in actual fact it was just waiting for no reason. Make it jump the queue.
  • There was a noticable delay when using right-click, open link in new tab. Fix this.