Version 10.0.406 Released.

🆕 New!

  • We've been busy changing the underlying tech behind Cookie Profiles to bring a shiny new version 2. This has far improved stability and compatability with lots of apps and extensions. Here's what's new and fixed from this change.
    • Sites that request HTTP basic auth now work outside the default cookie profile.
    • Vastly improved service worker sync for sites that support it.
    • The ability to lock an extension to a single cookie profile.
    • Better cookie profile support for extensions that have struggled with it.
    • Fixes for mixmax outside of the default cookie profile.
  • Add the ability to re-order pinned items.
  • Add tab close button to Quick Switch.
  • Add favicons to Quick Switch.
  • Add Quick Switch, Navigatior & New Window buttons to the titlebar.

🔧 Updates & improvements.

  • Update to Chromium 88.0.4324.96.
  • Update dependencies.
  • Improve stability by hardening some core event systems so in-app errors don't result in a domino-effect fallover.
  • Open pinned and recent items as a new tab rather than always in a new window.
  • Some tabs in the strip failed to update on chrome:// pages. Fixed this.
  • Hide tab sleep indicator when space is at a premium.

🐛 Fixes.

  • Fix toolbar apps collapsing slightly when there are lots of tabs.
  • Fix an edge case where opening the options page in a tab on startup would result in it crashing.
  • Badges wouldn't clear on facebook messenger if you dismissed them on another device. Fixed this.
  • Signing into Slack with Google stopped working. Fixed this.
  • Opening a link from bookmarks in a new tab would cause the app to crash. Doesn't crash.
  • Fix folder upload on sites such as Google Drive & OneDrive.
  • Fix tray losing notification muted state on Linux & Windows.
  • The character encoding was losing some character definition in Wavebox Mini Notifications. Fixed this - existing notifications will continue to show funny glyphs.