Version 10.0.518 Released.

This release includes a new Chromium update, fixes, and some very handy new features.

This release includes a new Chromium update, fixes and some very handy new features.

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🆕 New!

  • New micro version of Wavebox Connect
  • Add the ability to pin a tab in the main wavebox window
  • Add support for automatically changing the menu bar colors depending on theme/desktop wallpaper
  • Add an option to move tabs between groups
  • Add button to open all pinned items in a new window
  • Change dino to wavebox logo for QR code in omnibox

🔧 Updates & improvements

  • Improve the loading experience in profile popup
  • Update our frameless window code used in profiles & quick switch
  • Update to Chromium 90.0.4430.212
  • Update dependencies
  • Tree-shake some useless code to improve performance
  • UI Fixes

🐛 Fixes

  • Remove create new tab from context menu, when tabs are disabled
  • When the main window quit behaviour was set to quit, Wavebox would exit badly. This caused a number of problems...
    • Running tabs wouldn't save, so the startup behaviour of "continue where you left off" wouldn't work
    • Secondary profiles could be lost if they were saved to disk badly
    • If you had a second window open and quit the main Wavebox one, there was no way to bring it back other than to restar the app
  • Opening a new tab carries the cookie container across, however in some instances creating a new window would not, so always carry the cookie container.
  • Fix widevine on Apple Silicon builds
  • Fix a crash in workspaces