Yes you can. Follow the instructions below to hide/show the address bar (omnibox) in Wavebox.

Click on 'Settings' cog at the bottom of the sidebar go to:

Settings > Advanced > Advanced Flags > Show Address bar

Functions of the address bar:

  1. Search: The address bar is also the "search' bar for Wavebox.  Start typing a keyword in the address bar (e.g. Trello) to quickly navigate to that app in Wavebox.  It will also display results for your chosen search engine e.g. Google.
  2. Adding an App: the address bar is also a quick way to add a new app.  Paste your URL in the address bar, and when the site you want to add to Wavebox is in the main window, right-click on it, and select 'Open Current Page as New App'.  Voila, it's done!