This article describes backup and restore using the cloud. Fully automated cloud sync is currently part of Wavebox labs and you can find more information about this here.

At the moment you can synchronize accounts manually from the cloud. This is useful for (1) setting up a new computer quickly from a previous install on another computer and (2) syncing one computer (e.g. work) with another (e.g. home).

Note that this is currently a manual process which involves the following steps.  We are working on auto-sync at the moment, which we hope to release in 2022.

Restore from profile when doing a new Install.

  • On the most recently updated computer (the one you want to copy from), go to Settings > General > Data & Sync and click on 'Upload Profile'. This will ensure that the cloud profile is up-to-date.
  • On this computer, make a note of the login email. 'Settings > Wavebox Subscription'
  • Next, during install on a new computer, login using the email you just made a note of. A list of saved profiles for that account will be shown.
  • Simply choose the one you want to restore from. The new computer will then automatically pick up the settings, apps, groups, profiles and pins from that install.
  • Extensions and passwords are not currently restored, so you will need to add them again manually. We will be adding support for synchronising these during 2021 as well.
  • You will need sign-in to all your accounts again on the new computer. ¬†However you can make this a much easier process by exporting/importing your passwords from another computer. Just follow the details in this Knowledge Base article.
  • Note: ¬†you can use your Pro subscription on any number of different computers.

Force sync between Wavebox already installed on different computers.

  • On the most recently updated computer (the one you want to copy from), go to Settings > General > Data & Sync.
  • Click on the 'Upload Profile' button. ¬†You'll see a spinner icon, and then the button will show 'Uploaded!' message.
  • On your other computer, go to the same place in Settings and click on the 'Restore profile' button. ¬†This will show a 'Fetching' message and then display a pop-up window showing a list of any saved profiles for your account. ¬†Select the one you ¬†just updated.