• Ask your team to check their email for the invite (inc. spam folder)
  • They can click on the invite link in the email to go to the correct download page on wavebox.io for their OS, where they click on 'Download.'
  • Top Tip! Make sure they use their invite email address to login to Wavebox during the install.
  • From the installer window, click on 'New Setup' to launch the Template Wizard.
  • They can review the template and enter the master password if needed.
  • They then click on 'Finish.'
  • Wavebox will launch with all the groups, apps, tabs, and settings from the template already added.
  • New members will also see the shared workspace when they click on the Workspace icon in the webdock.

New team members will start a 7 day free trial of Pro, so you can test everything out as a team.

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