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The web app platform with Chrome built-in.

It's time to replace resource-heavy desktop apps and multiple browsers with one streamlined platform. Bring all your essential work apps together in Wavebox and enjoy faster and more efficient workflows.

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Ise wavebox to login to all your web app accounts

A faster, more efficient alternative to native desktop apps.

We all use a selecton of web apps to get work done. But running several desktop apps (Slack, ClickUp etc), alongside multiple browsers drains resources will effect performance. Wavebox replaces all your desktop apps and browsers with one seamless solution that will save you time and money.

Seamless working

Desktop apps are siloed. In Wavebox you can work across Asana, Atlassian, GitHub, Trello like they're part of the same app.

Multi-account sign-in

Got multiple ClickUp accounts? No problem! In Wavebox you can stay signed-in and work across all your accounts.

Better web capabilities

Desktop apps—built on Electron—will kick you out to the browser. Wavebox is built on Chromium, so everything just works including Chrome extensions.

Faster performance

Replace multiple desktop apps and browsers with one solution that has efficiency gains built-in.

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The best desktop client for Asana
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OS for the Web

Get more from your favorite web tools & extensions.

Wavebox gives every web app a productivity boost, so you'll get more from your subscriptions. Wavebox has 20+ extensions built-in so you can save on paid-for Chrome extension subscriptions too.

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Webdock & Groups

Nice & tidy.

The webdock provides fast access to your favorite tools. Click on + in the webdock to create a group, add an app/website/URL or just browse using tabs. Then add collapsable dividers to organize your groups, and drag left/right to switch from icon to list view.

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Quick Switch & Shortcuts

Quick navigation.

Use the keyboard shortcuts and the Quick Switch to move quickly between apps and tabs. Use Ctrl/Alt+Q to toggle between two apps and Ctrl/Alt+Tab to switch between your 5 most recently used apps.

More great features
Keyboard shortcuts and quick switch help you to navigate your apps
Quick Switch & Shortcuts

Links work between apps.

Our unique Link Engine presents a ground-breaking way of working across apps. It makes links work between them, so you can stay in context whilst you work. So if you click on an AirTable link in Slack, it will open in AirTable!

More about Core Features

Running multiple client workflows is simple & seamless. It's the most important SaaS purchase I make.

Optimize Asana, ClickUp, Slack & more
Catch up on everything in just one glance of the Wavebox Mini
Badges & Desktop Notifications

Unified webmail and messages.

Stay signed-in to all your webmail and communication apps like Slack, Zoom, Telegram, WhatsApp and Messenger. Badges & notifications will automatically keep you up-to-date, and everything is summarized in the Wavebox Mini, which can be popped-out onto your desktop to use outside of Wavebox.

More time-saving features

Work in apps side-by-side.

When you need to work in multiple apps to complete daily tasks, split-screen will save so much time. Split any app/tab into resizable pages, then work across them simultaneously.

More productivity wins
Focus Mode

Mute the noise.

The web is a busy and distracting place. But if you need some quiet time you can use the Focus Mode panel to turn-off notifications, badges, and sounds for a selection of apps, or for everything.

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Use the Focus Mode panel to turn off notifications, badges and sounds for a selection of apps, or all of them.
Create a new tab page for each cookie container

Kickstart your workflows.

Make life easier by having quick links to relevant resources on every new tab. You can choose any workspace as the 'New Tab' for each cookie container, and include sticky notes, RSS feeds, task lists, and shortcuts, etc.

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Work across Asana, Notion, GitHub and Trello like they're part of the same suite.

All Chrome extensions.

As well as supporting all extensions from the Chrome Web Store, Wavebox has over 20+ extensions built-in for essential features like desktop lock, sticky notes, tab sleeping, tab mute, workspaces, tab management and many more. Our extensions are always up-to-date, secure, and included in your Pro subscription.

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