🙌 How I use Wavebox to Optimize LinkedIn.

Wavebox is a great way to save time when working on LinkedIn. Here's how.

🙌 How I use Wavebox to Optimize LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is just one of the many web apps I use daily—my LinkedIn workflow is nestled tidily amongst all my other web app workflows in the Wavebox webdock—Slack, ClickUp, Twitter, Ghost Blog, and Pipedrive, just name but a few.

Sometimes I find it challenging to get across just how much easier life is with all my apps in Wavebox. So I thought I'd make a short slide deck showing my LinkedIn workflow, highlighting some of the main Wavebox benefits.

Watch the animation to discover why Wavebox is such a great web app platform that offers many significant productivity boosts. It's just over a minute long.

And remember, LinkedIn is just one of many, many app workflows I juggle daily, so I have all this time-saving functionality in every one of them.  You could too!