Version 10.0.121

This version contains stability and performance fixes as well as a number of fixes reported by users.

šŸ†• New!

  • Add "Open Wavebox Window" option to macOS dock
  • Re-add the "Move app to..." context menu
  • Add switch next/previous app keyboard shortcut
  • Add more explanation to switch tab/switch group keyboard shortcuts

šŸ”§ Updates & improvements

  • Upgrade to chromium 80.0.3987.149
  • Disable dragging single-app groups into other sidebar groups to make dragging easier
  • Make the switch group shortcut return to the last previously used app in that group
  • Stability fixes
  • Lots of performance improvements
  • Update dependencies

šŸ› Fixes

  • Harder enforcement of zoom lock on Wavebox UI
  • Fix toggle app command not returning the app to focus correctly
  • Fix flakeyness with certain keyboard shortcuts
  • Fix tab cycling keyboard shortcut in main window
  • Tooltip fixes on Microsoft Windows
  • Fixes for Slack
  • Fix window not returning to focus on macOS