Version 10.0.195 Released

Bumper release with new workspaces, plus Connect panel with private and group chat, voice calling, video meetings and screen share.

Version 10.0.195

🆕 New!

  • Private workspaces - create ad hoc collections of apps & URL shortcuts.
  • Shared workspaces - share apps & shortcuts with members of a team.
  • 'Add to workspace' now in all group and app right-click menus.
  • 'Add to workspace' now in all page right-click menus.
  • Add 'Send (all) tab/s to workspace' to the click menu of the profile icon in all secondary browser windows, so that sessions can easily saved and resumed using workspaces.
  • New enahanced 'Search' added to workspaces. Search across everything in Wavebox and on the web.
  • Workspaces & search added to all secondary browser windows.
  • Connect panel - private and group secure messaging, voice calling, video meetings, screen share and file share. All with end-to-end encryption. The panel can be open/closed and popped-out in its own window. The panel is visible as you work across apps in the main browser window.
  • Connect teams - new team features to work alongside Connect and workspaces: Create a team, invite members, manage members & permissions (admin, edit, view).
  • Connect Rooms - create rooms for group chats, voice calls and video meetings. Any member of a team can enter a room.
  • Change profile - change your teams avatar, display name and visibility setting.
  • Add 'Switch to the last active app' keyboard shortcut

🔧 Updates & improvements

  • UI Tweaks.
  • Update to Chromium 83.0.4103.116.
  • Update dependencies.

🐛 Fixes

  • Re-enable the bookmarks bar on the new tab page.
  • Update icon fetcher for Gmail.
  • Fixes to the Slack integration.
  • Fix case where open in new tab from the context menu would fail.
  • Fix menubar icon not automatically changing with theme on macOS.