Version 10.0.281 Released.

This version of Wavebox has some bumper performance improvements, plus a bunch of updates to tabs - how they work and what they can do.

Read the official release blog post.

🐈  Getting tabby.

  • We've been busy working on adding tabs into the main Wavebox window. These sit right alongside your apps to provide an easy way of working across multiple pages, rather than relying on additional browser windows.
  • Need a little help with your extra tab powers? No problem, the new WB Navigator is available to help! Click on the compass icon in the sidebar to open the Navigator window and see a real-time preview of everything running in Wavebox.

🌙   Sleep apps more soundly & pick up where you left off.

  • We've updated how tabs sleep and restore so that they startup faster and remember your previous browsing state and history.
  • Sometimes it's nice to pick up where you left off after restarting your machine, so we've added an option for this. You can enable it under 'Settings > General > Startup.

🚀  Full speed ahead!

  • Wavebox has updated a bunch of its dependencies as well as Chromium, which is now at 85.0.4183.102. Updating to v85 has made tabs 10% faster to load, allowing you to work more efficiently.
  • We've also spent some time tracking down any performance bottlenecks in Wavebox caused by a bad voltage regulator. It turns out that switching the regulator to fast mode makes lots of other stuff run faster, or in real terms, a 50% CPU usage reduction in some cases.

There's also a bunch of other fixes and tweaks that help keep Wavebox running smoothly and speedily. Thanks for reading. 😊