Version 10.0.29

Version 10.0.29

A huge thanks to everyone who's been trying sending feedback on this version of Wavebox 🥰. Here's what's new...

🆕 New!

  • Dark theme on the dashboard and in Wavebox Mini
  • More comprehensive dark theme in general UI
  • Add support for passing the --hidden flag on launch

🔧 Updates & improvements

  • Speed up new tab matching when transferring a tab to another running app
  • Show account icons or favicons in notifications
  • Update dependencies
  • Clearer upgrade instructions on Linux

🐛 Fixes

  • Fix an issue where the dashboard would become un-deletable
  • Fix issue where containers would not auto-update over the wire
  • Fix issue where YouTube would report an incorrect unread badge
  • Fix issue where updating via the apt repo could cause the app to incorrectly continue to report a new version
  • Fix issue that would see two notification sounds play on Windows
  • Fix Google Sheets & Google Slides always opening in Google Docs
  • Fix the toolbar-right icon looking just like the toolbar-left icon
  • Fix issue where clicking on the add app button from the dashboard would restore a maximized win on Windows
  • Fix notification click behaviour on windows
  • Update fix for Linux DEB installs