Version 10.0.319 Released.

New Link Opening Engine, fixes, platform updates, including and upgrade to Chromium 86.

This release adds a new improved link opening engine that makes it easier and more intuitive to setup and create rules when needed. Alongside this, the release contains multiple fixes and platform updates including an upgrade to Chromium 86.

🆕 New!

  • Improvements to the link opening engine. You can now create ad-hoc rules and there's a brand new UI for managing rules making it clearer and easier to see which app opens links where. In addition to, this are some additional rule types to compliment app tabs,and also the option to set links to open in the default browser on a per-app basis
  • Add support for window open rules within app-child tabs
  • Add default browser action to the click+modifier commands
  • Add recent tabs to suggested items in switcher
  • Learn more in the Link Engine Gets a Tune-Up blog post

🔧 Updates & Improvements

  • Disable the new page restore behaviour introduced in last release when restoring last url is disabled in settings
  • Better recovery tools on launch failure
  • Fix report bug button when renderer crashes
  • Stop duplicate sounds playing in Slack, WhatsApp & Messenger
  • Update dependencies
  • Pipe tabs from workspaces through the opener engine
  • Update to Chromium 86.0.4240.75

🐛 Fixes

  • Fix message panel hanging up calls in Wavebox Connect
  • Stop "Open in new tab" context menu always focusing the opened tab
  • Fix zoom and layout issue with the sidebar when page zoom was not 100%
  • Fix the tray icon not showing on some Linux distributions (in particular Mint 19 & 20)
  • Fix case where the active tab sleeps beliving it's idle
  • Fix issue where matching through the opener would not mke the tab active, so it would appear as if nothing happened
  • Fix Slack sign-in sometimes not working
  • Ensure all windows are closed corrently at the end of sign-in flow
  • Fix app search on the dashboard
  • Fix ordering issue where tabs would fall out of order
  • Fix memory leak when fetching tab thumbnails
  • Fix sidebar zoom issue