Version 10.0.35 Released

A huge thanks to everyone who's been trying sending feedback on this version of Wavebox šŸ„°. Here's what's new...

šŸ†• New!

  • Add Import from Wavebox Classic
  • Add Wavebox support to the extension api

šŸ”§ Updates & improvements

  • Update to Chromium 79.0.3945.74
  • Update dependencies
  • Add information to profile settings about who is using each profile

šŸ› Fixes

  • Fix Debian update issue
  • Fix issue with Slack reporting signed out
  • Fix Gmail switching to the primary tab everytime you switch tab in Wavebox
  • Fix group reload not working from the context menu
  • Fix news summary not displaying correctly on the dashboard
  • Fix dark-theme issues on the welcome wizard
  • Fix issue where notifications would exhibit the incorrect behaviour after being left for a short amount of time
  • Fix notifications sometimes opening a second tab rather than waking app
  • Fix issue where Wavebox would not come in to focus when clicking on a notification
  • Fix issue where the app would start the first time and not complete the wizard
  • Add ability to dismiss the signed out dialog
  • Fix issue on Windows where a maximized window would sometimes come out of being maximized