Version 10.0.388 Released.

  • Auto select inbox type when adding Gmail apps.
  • Update to Chromium 87.0.4280.88.
  • Add support for a broader range of 3rd party 2-factor devices. This includes the much-requested support for Touch ID on Apple computers with a fingerprint scanner.
  • When opening new tabs in the main window, they would always open at the end of the strip. Update this to match the normal tab behaviour of opening at the end of the logical group.
  • Fix help links opening blank tabs.
  • Fix dashboard links opening blank tabs.
  • On a handful of websites, when not using the primary Cookie Profile, they could get a bit confused, pushing you into the default profile. Stop doing this and instead stay in the same Cookie Profile.
  • Multiple UI Tweaks, mainly in settings, but not limited to.
  • Fix an issue whereby badges would not be updated when Wavebox is set to restore tabs and apps on startup.