Version 10.0.442 Released.

This update contains some magnificent performance improvements, that make Wavebox feel much snappier! We've also got lots of new features and improvements from right across the board.

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šŸ†• New!

  • Add an alert state to apps and groups to show which are audible, muted, screensharing etc
  • Add mute/unmute to the app/tab menus
  • Improve the active indicator when apps are placed in the sidebar
  • Add search to settings
  • Add option to hide or show the bookmarks bar in the main Wavebox window (available under settings. This is still experimental)
  • Wavebox mini now remembers the last tab that was open
  • Add option to move app into its own group
  • Add an option to always show the tabstrip

šŸ”§ Updates & improvements

  • Update to Chromium 88.0.4324.192
  • Update dependencies
  • Speed up double click vs single click detection on apps
  • Make Wavebox connect theme aware
  • Various UI tweaks
  • Performance improvements! šŸš€šŸš€šŸš€
    • Serialize sleeping tabs to disk for faster tab restore
    • Use our new store heuristics to pre-predict changes and dump those that have no effects early in the pipeline
    • There's a case where switching between some Slack teams would cause a large CPU spike and in some cases a short hang. We added a fix that should vastly reduce CPU usage when doing this.
    • In some places we emit multiple store updates together, causing some usless UI repainting in the process. We now batch these automagically into a single update and crucially a single repaint which means faster performance.
    • Some of the integrated apps would share large blobs with multiple frames in the app. This data was never used in any of those frames, so move into a dedicated background sync store and free up some CPU and memory for all!
    • Fix a potential leak in the tab manager that was causing CPU spikes when switching tabs

šŸ› Fixes

  • The cookie profile was being lost in new tabs, when new tab extensions are installed (e.g. Carry the cookie profile through.
  • In some instances, tabs might not load until they're entered. Hopefully a fix we applied will make them load when they're supposed to
  • When sleeping/unsleeping tabs they'd incorrectly animate. Fix this
  • Wavebox connect fixes & improvements
  • Fix double clicking on apps wrongly reloading when the window is out of focus
  • Fix widevine on Apple Silicon devices not working
  • When adding weblink apps to a shared team they'd lose their name and icon. Hold on tighter and carry these through
  • Fix a crash on the dashboard when it loads before the background thread is 100% ready
  • Tweaks to the app/group tooltips
  • Fix connect call notifications routing to the wrong tab
  • Fix case where some conflicting notification sounds would play