Version 10.0.487 Released.

This update includes the first iteration of Wavebox Profiles, plus new UI features, significant updates to sleep settings, and the latest Chromium update.

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šŸ†• New: General.

  • Add notification volume control to Settings > General > Notifications.
  • What's New icon in sidebar.
  • Add an option to edit the name of individual tabs.
  • Show sleeping tabs in the thumbnail Navigator.

šŸ†• New: Profiles.

  • Profiles icon in the UI top-right with dropdown Profile switcher. Disabled by default - email support for access.
  • Alongside the release of Profiles, we've renamed Cookie Profiles to be Cookie Containers. We are currently rolling out this name change across the app, website, knowledge base, blog and YouTube videos in the coming weeks. Please bear with us during this transition period.
  • Option to show Wavebox Profile picker window on start-up.
  • Option to launch all Wavebox Profiles on start-up.

šŸ†• New: Sleep Improvements.

  • Extend the default sleep period from 5 to 15 minutes.
  • Tabs in the main Wavebox window now use the global setting.
  • Global sleep setting now extended to tabs in any secondary windows.
  • Add an option to sleep apps & tabs when the machine has low memory in Settings.
  • Indicate when tabs are sleeping by greying out the tab title and icon.
  • Add an option to each tabs context menu to sleep them on demand.
  • Show sleeping tabs in the thumbnail Navigator.

šŸ”§ Updates & Improvements.

  • Update to Chromium 89.0.4389.128.
  • Update dependencies.
  • Tidy up the context menu by grouping link open actions together.
  • If you had apps in the sidebar and then scrolled the active highlight would float in space. We nailed the highlight down so it sticks with the app.
  • Performance improvements to the updater.
  • Performance improvements from app fuzzing.
  • Improve the UI around automatically fetching the Gmail inbox type.
  • Remove a bunch of legacy code that's no longer used, helping to reduce our install size.
  • UI Tweaks.

šŸ› Fixes.

  • When sleep disk serialization is enabled, Evernote could be slow to start. Add a fix for this.
  • After adding an app and switching away from it, the app would always go to sleep immediately. Don't do this.
  • Google sometimes served up the Google Docs favicon for Sheets, Slides & Forms. Kind of annoying if you're trying to see what's open, so we added an exception for those sites and stuck the right icon in.
  • On Linux (Ubuntu in-particular) the tray icon would flash when focusing Wavebox windows. This isn't completely unavoidable, but we've reduced the amount that it flashes a lot!
  • UI fixes when a light OS theme is used, but a dark Wavebox theme.
  • Fix an issue where the link opener would fail on a sleeping tab.
  • Fix an issue where the outlook account icon would always come from the primary outlook account.