Version 10.0.594 Released

šŸ†• New!

  • Add the option to change the taskbar badge color on Windows
  • Split the "Sleep tabs on low memory" setting so it can be set independently for tabs and apps, rather than just a single global setting for both
  • Add new tab in current group as a window open engine

šŸ”§ Updates & improvements

  • Update to Chromium 91.0.4472.164
  • Update dependencies
  • Update the Wavebox Mini unread panel to show new items first
  • Performance & memory improvements
  • Make chrome extension api identity optional
  • UI updates and tweaks to the general look and feel of Wavebox
  • Show a warning when testing notifications and Do Not Disturb is enabled on macOS
  • Add a restart prompt when updating on Linux
  • Performance improvements & low resource usage activity spinners everywhere
  • Improve readability of Outlook notifications
  • Improve Outlook & Gmail sync responsiveness
  • Make the Windows taskbar badge higher quality
  • Tweak the Windows tray icon visuals to be more in-line with other tray icons

šŸ› Fixes

  • Fix crashpad crash reporting not submitting reports under some configurations on windows
  • Fix a crash on some configurations that use multiple profiles
  • Fix dragging a tab into the main wavebox window causing the app to hang
  • Fix an issue on Windows install where the app could think the EULA had been rejected
  • Fix for slack failing to load after sleep
  • Open in default browser with multiple wavebox profiles didnt work, fix this
  • Fix the Do Not Disturb state not reporting correctly on the latest macOS
  • Fix an issue whereby new tabs in the main window could encounter a double load. This was reported with opening new windows from cPanel, but could affect other sites
  • Fix the alert state not clearing when tabs and apps go to sleep.
  • Fix edge case whereby waking up the active tab would fail
  • The "restore last page on load" setting was only partially respected after we rolled out a performance optimization by serializing sleeping apps and tabs to disk. Fix this, so that you can now enable and disable restore last page on load and have it function as expected
  • Fix an issue in Wavebox Connect whereby closing picture-in-picture mode with the close button would cause the call to hang
  • Fixes to the sidebar divider sorting
  • When using Wavebox Connect with multiple profiles, it would display notifications and ring in each profile. Only ring and notify once from now on
  • Fix a race condition in the storage system that could result in data corruption.