Version 10.110.26 Released.

Check out the new Navigator interface with new styling and background gradients for workspaces.

🆕 New!

  • A new tab navigator experience that makes it easier to switch between all your tabs using the mouse or the keyboard. Try it by clicking the navigator button in the sidebar or through the main burger menu!
  • New color styling for the tab navigator with customizable backgrounds
  • New background gradients for workspaces
  • Add new keyboard shortcut to cycle the active tab around the open windows
  • Add "Move tab to new window" keyboard shortcut
  • When sharing tabs to a workspace, make it possible to change the tabs before sending
  • Add support for dragging links into empty collection widgets
  • Make the tab strip only drop into its own toolbar when you have more than 4 apps

🔧 Updates & improvements

  • Update to Chromium 110.0.5481.100
  • Improve YouTube url support for the embedded iframe widget
  • Be less strict when accepting links for collection widgets
  • Better compatibility for username/password proxy authentication
  • Update dependencies

🐛 Fixes

  • Fix an issue where a site briefly opening a new tab to initiate a download would return to the incorrect tab
  • Speculative fix for modifier+click actions not working immediately after Wavebox starts
  • Fix an issue where settings would sometimes fail to scroll to the correct section
  • When hitting Alt+Enter in the omnibox, the cookie container would not be carried through. Fix this.
  • Fix the mute/unmute right-click menu item not reflecting current state on a group
  • Fix windows not reappearing after unlocking the privacy lock
  • Fix keyboard focus not being in the omnibox when a new tab page is set
  • A bunch of fixes for dragging & dropping stuff in the toolbars
  • Fixes for the context menus
  • Fix Connect and Smartnote extensions failing to load
  • Fix missing icons in Connect
  • UI tweaks
  • Stability fixes
  • First run fixes