Version 10.113.19 Released.

May 11th, 2023.

šŸ†• New!

  • Make the Brainbox panel resizable in the main window.
  • Add support for customizing and showing unread counts and activity badges in custom apps.
  • Add right-click > open link in group > new group menu option.
  • Add an option to collection widgets to customize grid icon alignment.

šŸ”§ Updates & improvements

  • Update to Chromium 113.0.5672.92.
  • UI updates.
  • Update dependencies.
  • Support passing the Brainbox engine to custom skills.
  • Updates for new users.

šŸ› Fixes

  • Fix for the HubSpot extension failing to sign in.
  • Fix macOS TouchID not working.
  • Stability fixes with extension APIs.
  • Fix the proxy settings not taking effect in the default cookie container.
  • Fix an unexpected behavior when adding apps that was dependent on the network speed.
  • Fix a store sync error.
  • Fix cases where Wavebox tries to update a tab, but the tab has already been destroyed.
  • Stability fixes for password sync.
  • Fixes for the Linux update popup being unresponsive.
  • Fix an issue with Brainbox chat, where a missing chat name would cause the panel to crash.
  • Fix an issue with the Brainbox popup sometimes failing to load depending on machine speed.
  • Fix an issue that made split-screen un-draggable in some instances.
  • Speculative fix for parts of the Wavebox UI failing to render.
  • Speculative fix for rendering problems with some Mesa drivers.