Version 10.117.18 Released.

25th September, 2023

  • Update to Chromium 117.0.5938.92
  • Add Brainbox to the tray menu.
  • Fix an issue where popping out a Gmail window would not prevent the app from going to sleep and destroying the window.
  • Fix an issue where, in some configurations, the tab bar could be incorrectly hidden when it only contains pinned tabs.
  • Fix an issue with Desktop web apps where some would disappear after a restart.
  • Fixes to the Desktop web apps UI.
  • Fix an issue where Groups with a single App would continue showing the badge even with the group setting disabled.
  • Fix a silent crash on window creation.
  • Fix notifications from service workers failing to link back to their opening app.
  • Fixes for Linux window styling.
  • Remove Smart Notes from the right-click menu when disabled.
  • Multiple other stability fixes.
  • Speculative fix for a hard crash on Windows.
  • UI fixes.
  • Update dependencies.