Version 10.122.30 Released.

5th March 2024

  • Re-add the option to combine items on drag, for example by dragging tabs over groups
  • Turn off tab scrolling by default. If you want to continue using it, head to Settings and search for Tab scrolling
  • Add an experimental flag to change the theme parsing behavior to give greater contrast on high-contrast themes
  • Stop explorer webdock groups collapsing when interacting with the context menu
  • Update to Chromium 122.0.6261.95
  • When dragging tabs in the webdock, don't place them in collapsed groups
  • Fix dragging apps in the webdock, sometimes leading to misplacement on drag end
  • Default the ClickUp integration to version 3
  • Turning app badges off and on wasn't very intuitive, provide some additional visual feedback
  • Speculative fix for a hard crash when opening a profile
  • Fixes for managed users
  • UI fixes for settings
  • Update dependencies
  • Fixes for managed teams
  • Stability fixes
  • Style fixes