Version 10.124.17 Released.

25th April 2024.

  • Update to Chromium 124.0.6367.79
  • Make new tabs that open in the main window, with no backlink to an owner stay within the window instead of ejecting out
  • When bulk restoring tabs from another device, ensure the original cookie containers are used when possible
  • Add a flag to 'Settings > General > Advanced' so that when you open and track a collection widget in a new window, it can live save tabs back to the collection
  • Add an option to settings to automatically download and install updates on macOS
  • Fix an issue with Discord not staying logged in
  • Fix an issue where Gmail would incorrectly report that you're logged out
  • Fix some UI issues reported in the previous beta
  • Fix the Windows updater reporting that the update was improperly signed
  • Fix an issue where opening an app from search would not always expand the webdock
  • Fixes for new users
  • Update dependencies
  • Stability fixes