Version 10.92.12 Released.

We're thrilled excited for this supercharged release! We've been testing a bunch of new features on our beta channel and are so excited to finally bring them out to everyone! šŸŽļøšŸŽļøšŸŽļø

šŸ†• New!

  • Widget Workspaces. Supercharge your Workspaces and your new tab page. Previously, you could only add apps and shortcuts to a workspace but now...
  • Add any number of Widgets, these include Collections (shortcuts & apps), Sticky Notes, Tasks, RSS Feeds and more!
  • Drag the widgets around the workspace, so the layout works best for you.
  • See handy stats about how you use Wavebox and how much memory you've saved.
  • Use as many workspaces as you need to organize up your stuff.
  • Customize your workspace with your own backgrounds and colours.
  • Smart Notes. Add a note to any page you visit. When you return to that page, the note is instantly available so you can pick up where you left off. Look out for the Smart Note icon in the top-right of the window and also a little badge on it when you have a saved note.
  • Focus Mode. This brings an entirely new take on the old 'Mute notifications' functionality in the sidebar. With focus mode, you can...
  • Mute Badges and Audio as well as Notifications.
  • Mute specific groups, or sets of groups as well as everything.
  • Save sets of groups to mute in the future.
  • Also new is support for tabs re-attaching to the main window from the history menu and Ctrl+Shift+T.

šŸ”§ Updates & improvements

  • Update to Chromium 92.0.4515.107
  • Update dependencies.
  • Make version info copyable in settings.
  • Enable crash reporting on Linux.
  • UI tweaks and fixes.

šŸ› Fixes

  • Fix privacy lock not being recoverable.
  • Fix the compact navigation not updating the url correctly.
  • Improve sidebar app sorting by reducing jumpiness and random unexpectedness.
  • Fix Windows sometimes showing blank panels.
  • Sort cookie containers in settings.
  • Performance fix in cookie containers that are part of a Wavebox team.
  • Wavebox would sometimes fail to come to the foreground when clicking on the tray icon on Windows.