Version 10.93.9 Released.

Update to Chromium, new features, updates and fixes.

🆕 New!

  • Add the option to launch external urls in a new tab rather than new window.
  • Add a setting to use the system print preview dialog.
  • Make clicking on an app title in a tooltip navigate back to the app's homepage.
  • When sending a window of tabs to a workspace, add the option to save any configured tab groups from the window.
  • Add advanced flag to display open tab count on groups.
  • Add advanced flag to set tab display mode (either by group or app) to be configurable per group.
  • Add the option to change which groups are shown in the Notification & Unified Unread widgets.
  • Add support for dragging task items between widgets.
  • Make lock screen dark theme aware.

🔧 Updates & improvements

  • Update to Chromium 93.0.4577.63.
  • Update dependencies.
  • Change linux update "Remind me later" button to wait until tomorrow.
  • The previous version fixed window positioning on Windows, but it was a bit janky. Make it less so.
  • Some performance tweaking.

🐛 Fixes

  • Fix right-click not working on task items.
  • We had stopped offering to save passwords on Google domains. Fix this.
  • Theres a race condition when loading slack, which meant that clicking on a notification later on would cause the window to reload. Fix this.
  • Fix Smart Notes not overflowing and showing the scrollbar properly.
  • UI fixes.
  • Fix an issue where opening a progressive web app would result in multiple tabs re-opening.
  • Fixes when making calls using Wavebox Connect.
  • Fix the UI going a bit wrong when forcing dark mode.
  • Ctrl+1-9 had stopped working properly unless mapped manually in settings, fix this.