Version 10.96.23 Released.

New! Split-screen for all apps, tabs and windows. Plus updates and bug fixes.

🆕 New!

Introducing split-screen controls for Wavebox! 🖥️🖥️

Super-smooth and totally addictive! Our new split-screen feature works in any app or tab, in the main window and secondary windows. Choose an app or tab to 'split' and anchor to the top, left, right, bottom. Then work swiftly across tabs on the opposite side. Perfect for tasks that require side-by-side app working, and for multi-taskers everywhere.

🔧 Updates & improvements

  • Simplify some routing code to improve performance.
  • Add an option to the RSS widget to show just the feed titles.
  • Update dependencies.

🐛 Fixes

  • Fix keyboard shortcuts not working during the add wizard on macOS.
  • Add a keyboard shortcut to open the Focus Mode panel.
  • Add a keyboard shortcut to minimize the app to the tray.
  • Fix scrolling not working in some context menus.
  • Some users have reported seeing a second tab menu at the top of the window, fix this.
  • UI fixes.