Version 10.98.9 Released.

Added Feedly as an integrated app and AppImage on Linux.

🆕 New!

  • Add Feedly as an integrated app 🎉
  • Add an option to hide the titlebar in workspaces
  • Add a button to app settings to the set the icon to be the current page icon (Weblink apps only)
  • Add support for AppImage on Linux

🔧 Updates & improvements

  • Update Chromium to 98.0.4758.80
  • Update dependencies
  • If you've enabled Wavebox UI2 under Settings, Advanced, Flags then...
  • UI2 new drag-drop interface
  • UI2 fix the signed out panel bleeding over the tabstrip
  • UI2 the sidebar could be resized when locked, fix this
  • UI2 deleting an empty group would leave you in an undefined state, fix this
  • Promote the following settings from flags
  • Use glass effect for some user interface elements
  • Connect micro sidebar
  • Prompt before closing multiple tabs
  • Add a timestamp to notifications in Wavebox mini & workspaces
  • The unified unread widget would only report unread items that were specifically reported by integrations, meaning some unread counts and activities would go unreported in the widget. It now also includes counts and activities where the app doesn't explicitly report unread items.

🐛 Fixes

  • WhatsApp was sometimes reporting messages were sent 52 years ago. Although it's impressive that people in 1970 were able to use WhatsApp it wasn't right, so we fixed it.
  • When opening external links in Wavebox, and picking the last used window, also inherit the cookie container
  • Split screen would not work on macOS in fullscreen mode, fix this
  • Split screen would not focus the tab on click on macOS, fix this
  • Fix an issue where notifications would not open the correct window and app
  • Fix an issue where notifications would open in the wrong cookie container
  • Fix right clicking on a tab only working once
  • Fix the icon picker on Cookie Containers
  • Fix an issue where using keyboard shortcuts to change app would not bring keyboard focus back properly
  • Fix style issue on workspaces
  • Fixes for the Linux update process
  • Fix an issue that could see you unable to start Wavebox
  • Fix adding suggested apps from the Desktop Web Apps page