The Bitwarden desktop app has the option to enable browser integration and unlocking with biometrics (Windows Hello, Touch ID), there are a few steps that need to be followed to set this up the first time

Bitwarden has a thorough guide showing how to enable and configure unlocking with Biometrics here

Here are the steps you can follow to setup biometric unlocking with Bitwarden:

Installing & configuring the Bitwarden desktop app

  1. Download & install the Bitwarden desktop app
  2. Using the desktop app, sign in to your Bitwarden account
  3. Open your Settings (on Windows, File > Settings) (on macOS, Bitwarden > Preferences)
  4. In the security section, turn on the biometric option you want to enable (e.g. Unlock with Windows Hello or Unlock with Touch ID). What's available on this screen is determined by your device's hardware capabilities
  5. In the app settings section, enable Allow browser integration

Installing & configuring the browser extension

  1. Download & install the Bitwarden extension in Wavebox
  2. Using the extension, sign in to your Bitwarden account
  3. Open wavebox://extensions in a new tab, locate the Bitwarden extension and click on the Details button. Turn on the Allow access to file URLs switch
  4. Back in the Bitwarden extension, click on Settings in the bottom right
  5. Turn on Unlock with biometrics. You'll be prompted to enable the "communicate with cooperating native applications permission"; Failing to grant this permission will prevent biometric unlocking from working