At Wavebox, we understand the importance of security and privacy when integrating powerful tools like Brainbox into your daily workflow. This knowledge base article highlights the key security features implemented to protect your data and maintain your peace of mind.

Information Sent to the OpenAI API

When you interact with Brainbox, the following information is sent to the OpenAI API:

  • Domain name: Your current app or tab domain (e.g., without the full URL. This allows Brainbox to provide contextual answers based on the site you are working on.
  • Time and timezone: The current time and timezone on your machine, enabling Brainbox to answer time-specific questions.
  • User-input text: The text you type directly into Brainbox.

For added functionality, you can ask Brainbox to grab either the full page (by clicking "include page") or specific text selections (by clicking "include selection"). If you explicitly choose either of these options, the page or selection will be sent along with your query to OpenAI. Otherwise, no information about URLs, tabs, or page content is sent.

OpenAI's Data Retention Policy

Since March 1, 2023, OpenAI does not use any data submitted through their API to train or improve their models unless you opt-in (which is not an option in Wavebox). More information about OpenAI's data usage policies can be found here:

Server-side Token Management

On the server, Wavebox keeps track of the number of tokens used with Brainbox. Tokens are similar to a "word count" that gets incremented as you use the platform. We manage tokens for billing purposes, as each Wavebox subscription includes 100,000 tokens per month.

Should you wish to opt-out of this allocation, you can register a direct account with OpenAI, generate an API key, and paste it into the Brainbox management screens in Settings > My Wavebox > Brainbox.

The security and privacy of your data are of prime importance to us. We've taken several measures to ensure that Brainbox operates securely while also providing valuable assistance in your daily tasks. By understanding the information transmitted, OpenAI's data retention policy, and token management, you can trust Brainbox as a reliable, helpful tool in your Wavebox.