Click on any email address to reveal the webmail picker modal, showing a list of ALL your webmail addresses in Wavebox. Just click on the one you need and start composing your message.

Here's how to get it working in just two simple steps.

Pick your Default Browser and Email Client.

r/waveboxapp - Wavebox + Emails = 💖

Start by setting Wavebox as your default browser and default mail handler. You can do this easily in Settings > Default Browser & Handlers.  Click on the 'Make Default' button for each.

Click and Compose.

r/waveboxapp - Wavebox + Emails = 💖

Find an email address in any app on your OS, or in Wavebox, to see the email picker modal in action.  Choose the account you need to open a new compose window for that account.

There are also options to copy the address to clipboard if needed, and to open in a new app window (not signed-in).