This week's Beta Release 10.94.12 includes a new feature that allows you to install any website or URL as a desktop web app on your computer.  Here's a summary of main features:

  • Install any web app, website or URL
  • Look and feel of a native desktop app - clean UI for focused working
  • More efficient than installing individual electron apps for your web tools
  • The app icon is available in your OS taskbar/dock and desktop
  • Option to upload a custom icon
  • Real-time unread badge for the icon
  • Desktop notification with custom sound
  • App icon is available in your OS switcher (Cmd+Tab or Alt+T)
  • Full extension support
  • Wavebox space support
  • Include in your existing Wavebox workflows

Here's how to install any web app, website or URL on any Windows, Mac or Linux computer:

  • Look for the Desktop Web Apps icon in the title bar top-right: 9 small squares next to the Quick Switch icon.
  • Click on it to reveal a pop-up showing all your Desktop Web Apps - it will be blank to start with. Click on + to open the App Directory.
  • Choose an app from the App Directory or paste any URL. (You can add apps that are already in WB.)
  • The icon will then appear in the Launcher window, so double-click on it to open the app on your desktop.
  • On mac it will appear in your dock, and your switcher.
  • You can also add a Desktop Web App widget to any dashboard.

We're working on new icons for all the major apps, so they look nice and tidy. You can upload your own icons too, and we'll be providing a keynote, powerpoint and photoshop template for you to use. If you have any requests for icons, just let us know which apps you need them for!