If you're already using Wavebox you can share your app settings with other users. This is a quick and easy way to get colleagues and team members setup with all the SaaS apps they need to work from home. This can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Using a Connect Team.  See this article: https://blog.wavebox.io/share-wavebox-apps-in-3-simple-steps/
  2. Or, Using cloud data sync in Settings. Here's how:

1. Export your Settings
In Wavebox click on the 'Settings' cog and find 'Data & Sync' in the Settings menu. Then click on 'Export Data' and save the export file to your machine.  Share this with your team members ready for them to import on their machine.

Important Note: The export file only includes a list of your apps, profiles, general settings and pins - it does not include any passwords, app contents or browsing history.

2.Download and Login
Ask your team to download Wavebox from http://wavebox.io/download and install it on their computer. During install they will need to create their own email login.

3. Choose 'Fresh Set Up' if asked and 'Skip' Suggested Apps
After creating a login, if asked they need to select 'Fresh Setup'.  The install wizard will then show some suggested apps to add, but  'Skip' this screen because we are going to pre-load apps using your import file.

3. Import your Settings & Restart Wavebox
After install, ask your team to click on the 'Settings' cog in the bottom left-hand corner of their Wavebox workspace, and select 'Data & Sync' from the Settings menu. Under 'Data & Sync' they need to click on the 'Import Data' button and locate your export file on their computer. Once the import is complete, a quick restart will reveal your apps in their Wavebox.

4. Add Extensions, Import Passwords from Chrome and Sign-In
Next, your team will need to add any extensions (optional), import any passwords from Chrome (optional), and sign-in to their apps - as described in sections (4) and (5) above. Job done!