🤖 How do I get links working between web apps in Wavebox?

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We all use lots of different apps to get work done. Our daily workflows are rarely completed within one single app and normally involve lots of tab toggling, signing in and out, and maybe even switching browsers. But this awkward navigation breaks context and wastes so much valuable time.

Wouldn't it be easier if we could just click on a Freshdesk link in ClickUp, and it opens up in the right place in the Freshdesk app ready for action?  Well, we thought so, and the Link Engine was born.

The Link Engine is an intelligent, time-saving tool that is unique to Wavebox—you won't find link engine functionality in any other browser or Chrome extension.

This link was auto-opened in the app that made most sense

Real-world, time-saving example

Let's take a real-world example to demonstrate how the Link Engine works. At Wavebox HQ we use ClickUp for making lists and planning, and we use Freshdesk to deal with support tickets. Sometimes we might create a ClickUp task that links to a specific Freshdesk ticket, and we'll include a link to that ticket in ClickUp.

When we click on the link in ClickUp, it auto-detects that we have Freshdesk installed and opens the link as a new tab* in the Freshdesk app—no tab switching, signing in, and wasting time. The very first time we do this, Wavebox offers to save this behavior for the next time. Clicking on 'Okay' creates a new Link Engine rule for all ClickUp -> Freshdesk from then on.

*You can specify where the link opens using link engine rules - see below.

You can find the rule we created in our previous example

Using AI, Wavebox helps you to make rules as you go. All rules are saved in 'Settings' under General > Link Opening > Customize Link Open Rules. You can manage all your rules from the pop-up window.

In the screenshot above, you can see the ClickUp -> Freshdesk rule we created earlier, which roughly translated means; any Freshdesk link opened from ClickUp should open as a new tab in the Freshdesk app. We can edit the rule by clicking on the pencil or delete it by clicking on the trash can.

Manually adding and editing rules

Editing and creating rules

To create a new rule manually, go to Settings > General > Link Opening > Customize Link Open Rules. Then find the app you want to create a rule for and click on the + icon to open the 'Add Rule' pop-up shown above:

  • Match: Paste in a common URL for the destination, or press the advanced button <> at the end of the match field to add more advanced matches, including wildcards.
  • New tab action: You can be more specific about where the links open. The options are; open as a tab, open in a new window, auto-open in-app, open and replace matched app, and open as a tab in the matched app.
  • App: If you selected any 'matched app' option in the previous field, you need to select an app from your library.
  • Priority: If you have multiple rules, the priority number tells Wavebox which rule to match first. A rule with a higher priority will take president over others.

🦸🏻 The Link Engine is a powerful, time-saving tool that is unique to Wavebox. If you're looking for some more examples and info on how to customize the engine, take a look at this article: Supercharge Link Open Rules.

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🤖 Wavebox KnowHow Series

This article is part of a Wavebox blog series that breaks down our powerful productivity platform into bite-size features: More articles