In Settings, go to the 'On-Startup' section.  Click on the dropdown menu to see the different options available to you. For example 'Continue where you left off' will open everything that was open before the restart (all tabs and windows).

  • Continue where you left off - this re-opens apps/tabs/windows that you were working on before the restart.
  • Open a specific set of URLs in a new window - Opens Wavebox, wakes only apps that are set to be awake, and also opens a set of tabs in a new window (you enter these manually after selecting this option).
  • Open your groups and apps - Opens all groups and apps (not tabs) so that they are all awake.
  • Open your groups, apps and any tabs connected to them - As above, but it opens everything - groups, apps and tabs.

Note - you may have to enable Advanced mode in Settings in order to view the above details: