Wavebox Cookie containers (previously cookie profiles) allow you to keep parts of your online browsing separated into different boxes that preserve your privacy and sign-in sessions. They also enable you to login to multiple identities or accounts on the web at the same time.

Cookie containers let you create a separate box for each of your online personas which frees you from using multiple browsers just to check your work email. Cookies and account info available in one profile is not available to any other profile, this means that you can:

  • Sign in to two different accounts for the same app (for example some apps don't allow you to sign into multiple accounts) and switch between them quickly and easily without ever needing to sign out.
  • Avoid leaving footprints all over the web when you use things like social networks or news sites.
  • Separate different types of browsing from each other, for example keeping your work email completely separate from your social media browsing or general web searching.

Here are some more key points about how cookie containers work in Wavebox and a few tips on how to configure them:

  • Cookie containers are used to isolate apps so you can sign-in to multiple accounts of the same type at the same time e.g. Gmail, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Trello etc. We also call this 'Sandboxing'.
  • All apps in Wavebox must have a Cookie Container. If you use the same sign-in for a set of apps you should choose the same profile e.g. Gmail and Google Hangouts. Example: Any apps you sign-in to using the same Google or Microsoft account should link to the same profile e.g. Trello, Slack. This means that a Trello link you click on in Slack will open up in the Trello with the same container that is already signed-in.
  • When you add your first app, Wavebox will automatically create your first cookie profile (Primary/Default). Subsequent apps will use this by default unless they need to be sandboxed.   Any apps which share the same cookie profile in Wavebox, even if you login using different details, will try to work together e.g. a link you click on in Slack will open up in Trello etc.
  • Apps don't have to be in the same Group to link to the same Cookie Container,
  • Click on the 'Settings' cog and then the 'Cookie Containers' tab to make changes to your container settings, such as name and icon.