Keyboard shortcuts are the fastest and easiest way to get around Wavebox. You don't even need to look at the screen, you just let your ninja fingers 🥷 take care of everything in a flash!

Wavebox comes preloaded with a bunch of keyboard shortcuts, and if there's something specific you want to do, there are even more just waiting to be assigned a key.

How do I change keyboard shortcuts?

You can view and change all the shortcuts under Settings > General > Keyboard Shortcuts. Here you'll find all the available shortcuts arranged into categories.

What are global keyboard shortcuts?

Wavebox supports two types of shortcuts, firstly those that work when you're using Wavebox, but also those that work when you're outside of Wavebox doing something else. Global keyboard shortcuts aren't enabled by default, but if you visit Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts > Global, you'll find some that work really well when you're working elsewhere on your computer.

To make the shortcut global, use the dropdown that says In Wavebox and change it to Global. A great example is switching to an app in Wavebox—no matter what you're doing, so you could be in Keynote editing a presentation and press Ctrl+Shift+1 to switch back to your Gmail app in Wavebox.

What are the default keyboard shortcuts?

Wavebox ships with a bunch of keyboard shortcuts pre-mapped, and some that aren't. Here's a list of what Wavebox maps by default:

ActionShortcut (macOS)Shortcut (Linux & Windows)
Copy the url of the current tabCmd+Shift+CCtrl+Shift+C
Minimize Wavebox to the tray--
Close the current tabCmd+WCtrl+W
Close all tabs in the current group--
Quit Wavebox--
Wavebox features
Toggle Wavebox MiniCtrl+Shift+MCtrl+Shift+M
Open Wavebox Tab Navigator--
Open Wavebox Quick SwitchCtrl+SAlt+S
Switch to the last active tabCtrl+QAlt+Q
Lock using the Wavebox Privacy Lock--
Open the profile picker--
Open Smart Notes--
Open Focus Mode--
Changing Toolbar Visibility & Display
Switch webdock display modes--
Toggle the webdock--
Toggle the address bar--
Navigating & Split screen
Open homepage--
Split the current app/tab left--
Split the current app/tab right--
Split the current app/tab top--
Split the current app/tab bottom--
Resize the split between 25%, 50% & 75% of the window size--
Unsplit the current app/tab--
Sleeping Tabs & Apps
Sleeps the current app/tab--
Sleeps everything in the current group--
Sleeps everything in the current window--
Switching between Tabs, Groups & Apps
Switch to the next groupCtrl+Shift+DownCtrl+Down
Switch to the previous groupCtrl+Shift+UpCtrl+Up
Switch to the next app in the current group--
Switch to the previous app in the current group--
Switch to the next tab in the current group/window--
Switch to the previous tab in the current group/window--
Switch to the next awake app/tab--
Switch to the previous awake app/tab--
Open tab or group in the current window (position 1-9)Cmd+[1-9]Ctrl+[1-9]
Open tab in the current window/group (position 1-9)--
Open app in the current group (position 1-9)--
Opening Apps & Tabs
Create a new window in the currently active Cookie Container--
Duplicate the current tab in a new window--
Focus the app--
Toggle the app--
Focus all widgets--
Open main Wavebox window & group (position 1-9)Ctrl+Shift+[1-9]Ctrl+Shift+[1-9]

In addition to these...

Wavebox supports all the normal browser shortcuts you're used to. Note that these shortcuts can't be changed.

ActionShortcut (macOS)Shortcut (Linux & Windows)
Tab & Windows
Open a new windowCmd+NCtrl+N
Open a new window in Incognito modeCmd+Shift+NCtrl+Shift+N
Open a new tabCmd+TCtrl+T
Reopen previously closed tabs in the order that they were closedCmd+Shift+TCtrl+Shift+T
Jump to the next open tabCmd+Option+RightCtrl+Tab
Jump to the previous open tabCmd+Option+LeftCtrl+Shift+Tab
Open your home page in the current tabN/AAlt+Home
Open the previous page from your browsing history in the current tabN/AAlt+Left
Open the next page from your browsing history in the current tabN/AAlt+Right
Close the current tabCmd+WCtrl+W
Close the current windowCmd+Shift+WCtrl+Shift+W
Wavebox features
Show or hide the Bookmarks barCmd+Shift+BCtrl+Shift+B
Open the Bookmarks ManagerCmd+Option+BCtrl+Shift+O
Open the History page in a new tabCmd+YCtrl+H
Open the Downloads page in a new tabCmd+Shift+JCtrl+J
Open the Find Bar to search the current pageCmd+FCtrl+F
Jump to the next match to your Find Bar searchCmd+GCtrl+G
Jump to the previous match to your Find Bar searchCmd+Shift+GCtrl+Shift+G
Address bar
Search with your default search engineType a search term + Enter
Search using a different search engineType a search engine name and press Tab
Jump to the address barCmd+LCtrl+L
Search from anywhere on the pageN/ACtrl+K
Move cursor to the address barCtrl+F5Ctrl+F5
Web page
Open options to print the current pageCmd+PCtrl+P
Open options to save the current pageCmd+SCtrl+S
Reload the current pageCmd+RCtrl+R
Save your current web page as a bookmarkCmd+DCtrl+D
Turn full-screen mode on or offCmd+Ctrl+FF11
Make everything on the page biggerCmd+PlusCtrl+Plus
Make everything on the page smallerCmd+MinusCtrl+Minus
Return everything on the page to default sizeCmd+0Ctrl+0
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