App Tabs are perfect for fast working across multiple web pages to complete everyday tasks. So what are they?

  • Unlike regular browser tabs, App Tabs only appear in the top toolbar under a specific app or group, so you can browse any webpage, but stay focused on the task at hand.
  • If the app/group is set to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity, then your tabs will inherit this behavior, therefore saving memory. You can turn this off in Settings > General > Sleep > Main window tabs inherit sleep > Toggle ON/OFF.
  • You can edit the name of any App Tab (or any other tab in Wavebox) by right-clicking on it, followed by 'Edit Tab Title', then type your new name.
  • App Tabs will also persist until closed by clicking on the x. This means you can include them as part of any daily workflow.  They will also be remembered after a restart and are included in all searches.
  • You can right-click on any App Tab and select the 'Create app from tab' option to permanently add that tab's link to the top toolbar as an app icon.

4 ways to start using tabs.

  • Right-click on any app in the sidebar or top toolbar and select 'Add new tab.' This will open a new tab in the top toolbar, and from there, you can type any URL or keyword into either the address bar or main window search field or click on a shortcut in any of your workspaces.
  • Click on the 'New Tab' icon in the top toolbar, shown as a right chevron, and a blank new tab will appear.
  • Right-click anywhere in the main window and select 'Open Current Page in New Tab.'  A tab will appear in that app or group.
  • Right-click on any link in the main window and select 'Open Current Page in New Tab.' A tab will appear in that app or group.

Choose your display.

  • Right-click on the top toolbar and bring up the menu, and hover over the 'Tabs' option.  Then select your preferences from the menu:
  • You can either display tabs to the right of your app icons (in the top toolbar) or create a new tabbar below the app icons.
  • Then, you can choose to either display tabs for the app in focus, or display all the tabs for that group.

Other notable features.

  • You can drag to rearrange your App Tabs. (Note that you can't currently drag an App Tab into a WB browser window, or vice versa).
  • Right-click on any App Tab to open it in a new browser window, duplicate it, or quickly sleep it.
  • You can also manage your App Tabs from the Wavebox Navigator.  Find an active tab in the navigator window to see how much CPU it uses, and use the header X icon to close it.
  • Note that App Tabs in the main window work differently to tabs in the Wavebox browser window, which behave more like tabs in Chrome.