This Knowledge base talks specifically about G Suite accounts. If you're using a personal Gmail account (.e.g your email address ends in this does not apply.

G Suite accounts will ask for users to re-authenticate every 2 weeks by default - you can find out more about this here. If you're a G Suite admin or just a user of a G Suite account, there are some different options that can help you log back in quickly...

If you're a G Suite admin, it's possible to change this behaviour by specifying the duration of web sessions for Google Services as per the Google Help article here. This will change the session length for all your G Suite users, across all web sessions (not just for Wavebox).

If you're not a G Suite admin or are unable to change the session length, we recommend using the password manager that Wavebox includes and electing to Save Passwords when logging into sites, or alternatively using one of the password manager extensions available in the Chrome Web Store. This will ensure that when you are logged out, you're able to sign back in with the least hassle possible