New! Add any Web App in 2 Clicks!

Have you ever navigated to a web app or service in Wavebox, only to wish that you had it in your setup? Well, you're not alone!

Frequently requested by our users are faster ways to add web apps and services to Wavebox. So, rather than interrupting your workflow by navigating to the App Directory every time, you'd like to quickly add them, on-the-fly.

Well, we're delighted to announce that in this week's Wavebox 4.4.0 release there are some new enhancements to the right-click context menu that let you make on-the-go customisations to your Wavebox. Let's take a look....


Right-Click Menu Additions

When in a Wavebox window, right-click on any page, or link on that page, to bring up the context menu, which now includes the following additions:

'Open Link as a New Service'
Selecting this option instantly creates a new icon in the top toolbar, thus skipping the normal App Directory 'add' process. Take Amazon's AWS as an example, which is shown in the screen recording above. The new context menu allows you to easily add separate services for S3, EC2 and RDS to your topbar, and therefore create a more streamlined workflow. Right-click again on the newly created icon to change the logo and other settings, move the icon to the sidebar, or delete it when you're done.

'Open Link in an Existing Window'
Clicking on this option opens the web app/service in your current window, rather than opening it in a new pop-out Wavebox window, or default browser. (This overrides your general Wavebox settings for that instance.)

'Open Page as a New Service'
This option offers the same functionality as 'Open Link' but will use the generic page link, rather than a specific link. This is handy for bookmarking websites and webpages - just right-click anywhere in a Wavebox window and select this option to instantly create a new icon in the top toolbar.

If you've been navigating around in a Wavebox window and want to get back to where you started from, click on this option to go back to the original web page.


Other Release News

This week's release also includes some more usability features:

Faster Start-Up
For those of you who have lots of apps in your Wavebox that aren't sleeping as default, this feature is for you! On start-up, Wavebox now cleverly detects how much processing power your machine has and begins loading your account in a way that's kinder to your machine i.e. faster and more efficient! Also, if you click on any app icon during start-up, Wavebox will prioritise opening that account first.

Better Colour Picker
We know that Wavebox users love to customise, so we've standardised our colour pickers so that they now include both RGB and Hex values, plus more configuration options.

There are also some bug fixes and an Electron update. Please visit our Release Log on GitHub for more information on these. Big hugs 🤗 to everyone who has suggested new features and reported bugs - as always we are eternally grateful.

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Susan Davies

Wavebox Co-Founder.