Wavebox Security Fix Featured in Latest Chromium Release.

Wavebox Security Fix Featured in Latest Chromium Release.

Ensuring Waveboxers are safe as they work online is of paramount importance to us—it's the reason we moved from Electron to Chromium in 2019, and it's the reason that every 4 weeks, in line with Chromium and Google Chrome, we ship a new version of Wavebox with the latest Chromium release.

Shipping the latest Chromium isn't just about increasing a version number. Primarily it's about shipping the latest security patches and fixes to keep you secure as you work online, and today's release is a little bit special.  Why?....

Because today's release of Wavebox 10.101.9, which includes the latest version of Chromium 101.0.4951.41, includes an essential fix submitted by the Wavebox dev team, woo-hoo!

The Wavebox Chromium dev team, led by Co-Founder Tom, recently identified a vulnerability in Chromium (CVE-2022-1488), and as part of our commitment to keeping Wavebox users secure, they patched the vulnerability, and this was shipped out to our users a few releases ago.

But security doesn't start and stop at Wavebox. Security underpins the ecosystem that Wavebox is built upon, and as part of our commitment to this, we reported the vulnerability to the Google Chrome team and are delighted to see the fix shipping in today's stable version of Google Chrome, too 🎉.

Congrats to Tom and the team for their valuable contribution to the Chromium community.

We can't stress enough the importance of ensuring that your browser is up-to-date with the latest version of Chromium.  Wavebox achieves parity release with Chromium so Waveboxers just need to remember to update as soon as a new release is available. We recommend that non-Wavebox users check that your browser is up-to-date by using a site such as Chromiumchecker.com - just visit the website from any tab in the browser, and you should see following screen:

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