New Notification/Unread Menu, Mega Bug Fixes & More...

This week's release of Wavebox includes an exciting bundle of improvements, new features and bug fixes. So, without further ado, here's what's new:

1. Unreads & Notifications Across all Apps
Say hello to the Wavebox Mini Menu, which can be accessed via the tray/menu bar icon in Windows and macOS, and as a pop-out window in Linux. It provides a real-time, unified view of unread items and notifications across all apps. Click on any item in the menu to open it in the Wavebox window, and there are options to compose too, with search coming very soon. You can also mute and snooze your notifications when you need time to focus.

Read more about the new Mini Menu >

2. Better Performance
We've significantly improved Wavebox's memory consumption, which has been squished by up to 45% in some instances. After installing this latest update you'll find Wavebox faster and more responsive, using less machine resources.

3. Mega Bug Fix(s)
We're super-excited that this release includes an epic fix that resolves a bunch of bugs across all platforms, including: blank window opening issues, issues saving attachments to Dropbox, 'Open Google Drive links in Browser' issues, support in Trello, and keyboard shortcuts on some Microsoft accounts. In addition, Mixmax is now fully supported, and the 'Any Website' link is bug free 🙌. Refer to our Changelog on Github to see a full list of squished bugs.

Password Autofill
Some linked accounts require you to occasionally sign-in again for security reasons, and you can now right-click on any password field to save and manage your passwords. (Username saving and support for other password services and extensions are currently in development).

And there's more...

  • You can now setup global keyboard shortcuts to quickly toggle between Wavebox accounts and other apps on your machine.
  • There are also updates for Electron and Chromium.
  • You can now also enjoy emojis in your Slack notifications 👍 😜.

Find out more about Wavebox's recent releases in our Changelog in GitHub. Why not be the first to try new things by switching to the Beta channel? Click here to find out how. If you've got a new feature to request, then please get in touch.h

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Susan Davies

Wavebox Co-Founder.