🚀 New! Save Valuable Time with Duplicate Group Feature.

Save time by creating an identical copy of an existing group in just a few clicks.

🚀 New! Save Valuable Time with Duplicate Group Feature.

Groups in Wavebox are designed to make the organization and navigation of your web resources more manageable. You can quickly start a new group by clicking on the + icon in the webdock (sidebar), and then add all the apps and tabs you need to complete that task.

To streamline the process of organizing your web resources and save you the time and effort of setting up similar groups, Wavebox has introduced the Duplicate Group feature.

This time-saving new feature allows you to create an identical copy of an existing group with just a few clicks, significantly reducing the time you would ordinarily spend setting up a new group from scratch.

How to Duplicate a Group in 3 Easy Steps

1) First, select the group you want to duplicate.

  • Right-click on the group icon and select Duplicate Group from the menu.

2) Next, choose what to include in the new group.

  • Check the first box, if you want to include tabs in your group.
  • Next, decide whether or not you want to keep the original cookie containers or create new ones, and select the corresponding radio button.
  • If you need to stay signed-in to multiple accounts of the same app, make sure you choose the Create new cookie containers option. For example, you need Facebook in both groups, but will use different accounts to login to each.
  • Then, click on the blue Duplicate button to complete the process.  

3) Finally, rename and edit the new group.

The new group will instantly appear in the webdock. It has the same icon as the original group and the same name, but with (copy) after it. We recommend that you start customizing your new group straight away to avoid confusion, here's how:

  • Right-click on the icon and select Group Settings. In the pop-out window, edit the group name, icon, colors, and customize other settings such as new tab pages. Note that any changes you make to these settings are saved automatically.
  • If you created new cookie containers for the group, head over to Settings > Cookie Containers to change icons, titles, and colors of those too.

And that's all there is to it!

We hope you enjoy using this handy feature, which is a game-changer for virtual assistants and agencies who handle multiple clients with similar needs or platforms. Instead of spending valuable time setting up new, similar groups from scratch, you can now create a duplicate and tweak as needed - a tremendous time saver!

🤔 Here are a few handy hints about duplicating groups:

  • Any changes you make to the duplicate group will not affect the original.
  • If you decide to delete a duplicate group (right-click > delete), any new cookie containers for that group need to be removed manually by going to Settings > Cookie Containers.
  • You can reorder groups in the webdock by dragging the icons up and down.

Ready to try?

Update to the latest version of Wavebox to try this new feature. Go to Settings > About > Check for Updates to ensure that your Wavebox version is 10.117.10 or later.