Sign-in to Multiple Google & Microsoft Accounts in 3 Simple Steps.

Sign-in to Multiple Google & Microsoft Accounts in 3 Simple Steps.

If you work across lots of web apps, you may be familiar with the problem of signing-in to multiple accounts of the same type at the same time. Luckily, Wavebox can solve this frustrating problem in just a few simple steps.

Multi account sign-in is a major bugbear for many people who consistently work across multiple GSuite or Office365 accounts. Lots of valuable time is wasted by signing-in and out of accounts, just to get work done. Frequently switching tabs or browsers, signing-in and out, and then navigating to the information your need, almost certainly breaks workflow, not to mention concentration.😵

Wouldn't it be easier if you could stay signed-in to all your accounts, all at the same time? Yup, we thought so to, so how's it done?

So, Chrome has 'Profiles' which enables you to switch people from a dropdown menu. This works okay but it does present a few problems;

(1) You have to remember to switch accounts, which sounds easy enough, but when all your tabs look the same in Chrome, and you're in the middle of a workflow, there's always the very real possibility of making a mistake.😱

(2) There is also a chance that settings are carried over from one account to another. For example, if you're signed-in to two profiles, and you open a new browser window, Google isn't sure which account you want to use, so it selects one for you. What if it's the wrong one? 😬😱 (See the community article 'Sign in to multiple accounts at once").

Luckily, Wavebox offers a solution that can take away this pain right now. Also called "Profiles' but slightly different to Chrome, Wavebox 'sandboxes' each account to keep things separate.

Sandboxing is a security term used when a program is set aside or isolated from other programs in a separate environment. When you connect and sign-in to multiple accounts of the same type in Wavebox e.g. GSuite, Gmail, Slack, Office365 etc, Wavebox encourages you to create a 'Profile' for each app. This sandboxes so it can run independently of any other account or app in Wavebox. It ensures that there is no leakage between signed-in accounts of the same type. So you can confidently in an app, knowing that everything will work as it should, without complications.

Wavebox profiles allow you to keep parts of your online browsing separated into different boxes that preserve your privacy and sign-in sessions. Cookies are separated by profile, allowing you to use multiple identities or accounts on the web at the same time. Profiles let you create a separate box for each of your online personas which frees you from using multiple browsers just to check your different email accounts. Cookies and account info available in one profile is not available to any other profile. Wavebox KB article: What are Profiles?

And that's not all. In Wavebox you can organise your accounts, and customise the way they look so that it's clear which account is which. Here's an example using Gmail accounts, but it's exactly the same process for Office365, Trello, Slack etc;

1. Add your first Gmail account
In Wavebox click on the 'Add' icon in the sidebar. This will bring up the App Directory. Either choose an app from the Directory, or use the 'Add any Website' button to paste in any URL. The App Directory includes over 1,300 apps, with a direct link to the login pages for easy-connecting. However you can add anything with a URL to Wavebox. After adding the account you'll need to sign-in, remembering to 'Save' the username/password details for next time.

2. Add your second Gmail account
Add another account to the sidebar by following the same steps as before. As this is your second Gmail account, Wavebox will automatically suggest creating a new profile for this app. Continue to add as many different Gmail apps and Google Services as you like, using the relevant profile or creating a new one for each.

3. Distinguish Icon Appearance
When you add an account Wavebox automatically creates an icon for it, normally pulling it from the website you just connected. This can be confusing though if you have multiple accounts of the same type. In Wavebox, you can customise each icon so that you can tell them apart; Right-click on the icon and select 'Account Settings' from the menu. Then look for the heading 'Appearance':

  • Click on 'Change Account Icon' to upload your own image.
  • Click on 'Account Colour' and select a new colour from the colour picker. Or you can remove the colour altogether.
  • Click on 'Badge Colour' and select a new colour from the colour picker.

The two accounts are signed-in using different details, yet they are happily running side-by-side and correctly sandboxed so that there is no leakage between them. With Office365 and Gmail, you can also add all your services logged-in under each account such as Drive, Photos, Calendar and Sheets etc. They will all be correctly sandboxed too!

Wavebox is all about making working online simpler, and we hope Profiles will help you to work across multiple accounts faster and more efficiently. Why not try Wavebox free for 7 days? You can add as many as you like including Gmails, Slacks, Trello's, Microsoft Team profiles, Office365 accounts, the list goes on and on.