💬 New! Wavebox Discord Community

Join users worldwide to chat about all things Wavebox!

💬 New! Wavebox Discord Community

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new Wavebox Discord community channel—a vibrant space designed for our users to share ideas, get support, and join an ever-growing network of productivity enthusiasts!

Why Join?

Whether you are a seasoned Waveboxer or just starting to explore the endless possibilities our browser holds, our Discord channel is the perfect place for you to:

  • 👥 Network with Peers: Connect with other Waveboxers from various industries and backgrounds.
  • 🎓 Learn and Share: Exchange tips, discuss workflows, and inspire each other to reach new productivity heights.
  • ⭐️ Stay Updated: Be the first to know about new features, updates, and exclusive sneak peeks. Our community will be at the forefront of everything new and exciting with Wavebox.
  • 👋 Meet the Team: Wavebox founders are active on Discord, so you get direct access to the brains behind the operation.

How to Join.

Getting started is easy! Here’s how you can become a part of the Wavebox Discord community:

  1. If you haven’t already, add the Discord app to Wavebox.  Click on + in the webdock to create a new group for it, or click on + in the top toolbar to add it to any group.
  2. Use this invite link to join the Wavebox Discord channel: Join the Wavebox Discord Community
  3. Once you’re in, take a moment to introduce yourself in the #introductions channel.
  4. Checkout the #rules-guidelines to keep our community a friendly and productive environment.
  5. Start exploring! Join different channels of interest, ask questions, share your set-ups, and get to know other Wavebox users.

Your Productivity Community Awaits!

With regular content like 'Quick Win' Wednesday and Feature Spotlights, there's always something new to dive into. The Wavebox Discord is a place to breathe life into your productivity journey.

If you have a support query, please use support@wavebox.io to raise a support ticket in the first instance.

Your feedback and insights are invaluable as we continue to grow and improve Wavebox. This new community channel promises to enhance how you interact with us and your overall productivity and enjoyment of the platform.

🎉 We can’t wait to welcome you to the Wavebox Discord community! Let’s make the most of our productivity together!

Happy collaborating,
The Wavebox Team

❤️ Blog header photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash