Wavebox is built on the same technologies as other browsers like Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge, which means from a Wavebox standpoint it supports everything that's required for the 1Password extension to work & installing the standalone extension from the Chrome Web Store is a quick way to get started.

If you also have the 1Password desktop app installed, the 1Password team only allows communication between Wavebox & the desktop app when using the beta channel of the 1Password desktop app. This means you'll need to download the beta version of the 1Password desktop app.

Once you have the beta version of the 1Password desktop app, other advanced features such as Touch Id & Windows Hello will also work with Wavebox.

If you don't want to use the beta version of the 1Password desktop app, you can make a request to the 1Password team that support is added to the main version
If 1Password has been working and has suddenly stopped, or started reporting that it's out-of-date, the 1Password desktop app has an ongoing issue where it continues to periodically move from the beta channel back to the production version for short periods. You can find more info here