🧠 Brainbox, Wavebox's AI assistant, is back and is bigger and better than ever, bringing the power of ChatGPT to every app and tab in Wavebox.  We've integrated ChatGPT into the Wavebox UI so you can use it directly in the browser rather than on the ChatGPT website.  This provides many unique benefits, including;

  • 🤓 Context: Brainbox is presented within the browser UI so that you can use it within the context of your (already) powerful workflows—any app, tab, or window.
  • 🧠 Relevant: Brainbox will deliver relevant answers to your questions, e.g., if you're working in the ClickUp app and ask a question like 'How do I create a new space' the answer will be specific to ClickUp.
  • ✏️ Customizable: Brainbox's ready-made skills (see below) are easily customized via easy-to-use admin screens, and you can also create your own skills too!
  • 💬 Team Ready: Share your unique Skills with others in your team so that they can access them in Wavebox (coming to Beta soon).

Use Brainbox to get answers to questions, help write email replies, create tweets, generate blog post summaries, and more. With Brainbox, you can further streamline your workflows, automate manual tasks and boost your overall productivity.

How To Use Brainbox

Brainbox Chat Panel

Interact directly with ChatGPT e.g. find answers to questions related to the app or tab you're working in.


  • Click on the Brainbox icon (top-right) to display the Chat Panel.  This is now available across all apps and tabs in that window.
  • Type into the text field at the bottom of the panel and hit return.  Brainbox will reply at the top of the panel, and you can use the handy copy icon to save it to your clipboard.
  • In the Chat Panel, click on the Share icon to pop-it out to your desktop so you can move it, and resize it.
  • This behavior is the same for secondary windows, and you can run two or more Chat Panels at the same time.

Right-Click Skills

Use the pre-built Skills—which you can also edit—and have fun creating unique time-saving skills for yourself, and sharing them with your team.

To use a skill, highlight and right-click on some text, then select Brainbox, followed by a skill.  The built-in skills include: Translate, Draft a Reply and Summarize.



Highlight and right-click on any text and select Brainbox > Translate.

Draft a Reply


Highlight and right-click on any text and select Brainbox > Draft a Reply.  Use cases are a product review reply (shown in the video), customer support responses, help to deal with complaint emails, and help with generating canned responses for your CMS.


Highlight and right-click on any text and select Brainbox > Summarize. Then copy the new text from the side panel. If you want Brainbox to summarize the entire page, select the option at the bottom of the chat panel to 'Include Page' so that Brainbox knows what to summarize. Use cases include summarizing reports, blog articles, Wikipedia articles etc.

Save to Smart Notes

When you close the Brainbox side panel it will clear recent chats, ready for you to start again next time.  If you want to save a chat you can click on the Smart Note icon in the top-right corner of the chat box. The text is pasted into a new Smart Note, which is also linked to the URL in focus - whenever you revisit that URL a badge will show on the Smart Note icon (top right) to let you know there's a note for that page.

Editing Skills and Creating New Skills

You can edit Skills in the Wavebox Admin Portal.  Go to My Wavebox > Brainbox. Under the Manage Skills title, you will see a list of skills and you can edit them by clicking on the Edit button.

Creating a New Skill

At the bottom of your current skill list, click on New Skill to bring up the skill wizard pop-up:

  • Selection - Your skill will be based on highlighting a selection of text, but we have more variables coming soon.
  • Name - This will be shown in the right-click menu e.g. Newspaper Headline.
  • Prompt - this is the fun bit!  Describe to Brainbox what you would like it to do.  Use straightforward language, as if you were talking to a child. Then click on Save, ready to try it out. E.g. You are a very concise text summarizer. Every time you receive a message, you should summarize the text into one title in the style of a tabloid newspaper. Click on Save.

Testing a New Skill

Your skill is ready for testing immediately, so highlight some text in any window/tab and right-click on some text. You will see your new skill at the top of the list.  If it's not working how you'd like, right-click again and select Customize Skills to go straight to Brainbox in the Admin Portal.

Example: Creating a new Translate Skill

  • Click on the New Skill button
  • Give the skill a name e.g. Translate to Spanish
  • Type into the prompt box: Translate the following messages into Spanish
  • Click on Save
  • Navigate back to the webpage you're working on, highlight the text you need translating, and then right-click > Brainbox > Translate to Spanish.

Managing your ChatGPT Tokens

Brainbox's use of ChatGPT incurs a charge from OpenAI, measured in 'tokens' - roughly the equivalent of each word. We've included an allowance for 100,000 such tokens in each Pro account, which should be plenty to get acquainted with Brainbox and try out all its features.

Should you need more tokens, we'll offer an additional 'top-up' subscription of 2.5 million tokens at $5/month, which you can add to your existing Pro subscription. Alternatively, if you already have your own account with OpenAI, you can enter your API key into My Wavebox > Admin Portal > Brainbox so that you are billed directly by OpenAI, at cost, for your use of Brainbox.

🧠 The development of Brainbox is exciting and ongoing. Please send any feedback and suggestions to support@wavebox.io. We have already released one iteration based on user feedback, with another on the way shortly.