Need more room in the webdock? You got it! Dividers are lines in the webdock to help you label/organize your groups.  They are also collapsable and therefore useful for (1) saving space, and (2) staying focused and hiding distractions.

Dividers are like the plastic strips you use at the supermarket checkout to separate your shopping from the person in front and behind—they are just dividing lines, and not folders of any kind.

To add/remove/rename a Divider

  • To add a divider, right-click on a group icon and select 'Add Divider' from the context menu.  A divider will appear above the group.
  • To name/rename a divider, right-click on the divider and click on the Divider Label box to type/edit the label.
  • To remove a divider, right-click on the divider and select 'Remove Divider'  Important Note! Only the divider will be removed, not any groups beneath it.

Useful Divider features

  • When you click on a divider, any groups that are between that divider and the next one will collapse into it.
  • ​When you move a divider, the groups underneath don't go with it; only the divider moves.
  • If you remove a divider, the groups below it are NOT removed, only the divider.
  • Dividers work in both Explorer and List webdock layouts.

Rearranging Groups with Dividers

You can easily drag dividers and group icons up/down the webdock to rearrange them.  However, if you have a lot of reorganizing to do, it's sometimes best to remove the dividers and add new ones.  Remember, dividers are not folders, so when you move a collapsed divider the groups don't move with it.

  • Step 1 - Expand all your existing dividers so that all your group icons are visible.
  • Step 2 - Remove any dividers you want to move
  • Step 3 - Re-arrange your groups by dragging so they can be divided up correctly
  • Step 4 - Create new dividers where you want them.

Troubleshooting Dividers

  • If you try and move a divider but it just bounces back to the original position, it's probably because it hasn't got a group below it.  A divider must belong to a group, and therefore:
  • (1) Dividers can't be placed next to each other without a group in between
  • (2) A divider can't be placed at the bottom of the webdock, without a group below it.