Profile sync is part of Wavebox labs and is currently available on the beta version of Wavebox (Version 10.105.9 and higher).

If you use Wavebox on more than one computer, our new and improved cloud-sync function will make your life much easier. Breathe a sigh of relief as you take in these time-saving benefits:

  • Keep two or more machines in sync with each other.
  • Sync everything from widgets and passwords to bookmarks.
  • Sync unlimited profiles, e.g., Home, Work, School, etc.

Profile Sync allows you to link multiple machines with a cloud profile so that when you change Wavebox on one machine, it will be reflected on the other almost instantaneously.

During Profile Sync setup, you can:

  1. Save any existing profile to create a new 'cloud profile.'
  2. Connect multiple machines to the new 'cloud profile.'
  3. Choose what you want to sync from the cloud profile for each machine, including;
  • Groups & Apps
  • Tabs & Windows
  • Settings
  • Smart Notes
  • Workspaces
  • Extensions
  • Bookmarks
  • Passwords
If you're using more than one Wavebox profile on a single machine, you can create multiple cloud profiles and link them together in a way that makes the most sense (i.e. one for Home and one for Work).

1. How to create your first cloud profile

The first thing you need to do is create a new cloud profile and link it with a machine.

Open Settings > Data & Sync and click the Setup profile sync button.

While profile sync is still part of Wavebox labs, you'll be prompted to create a local backup of your Wavebox configuration. This sets a restore point in case anything goes wrong. Make sure you save this and store it in a safe place.

You can use this backup file to restore your current configuration if something goes wrong. Do this by going to Settings > Data & Sync and clicking the Import data button.
Create a local backup of your Wavebox configuration

Once you've safely made a backup of your current configuration, we can continue setting up sync. We need to name the cloud profile to be recognizable when syncing with other machines e.g. Work.

Create a new cloud profile by giving it a name

We can now customize what we're going to sync with the new Work cloud profile. Give your current machine & profile a name so that you can keep track of which machines are syncing with the Work cloud profile. Wavebox will pre-fill this, but feel free to change it to something more recognizable e.g. MacBook Pro.

You can now choose what you want to sync, by turning different options on and off. If you decide to sync passwords, you'll be prompted to create a Master Password, to encrypt all your passwords before syncing.

Customise what we're going to sync

Finally, you can review your sync setup, and when you're happy, click on Done. Wavebox will now start syncing this machine & profile to the cloud.

Review your sync setup

2. Add another machine to the Work cloud profile e.g. WindowsPC

Now you've created a Work cloud profile, you can now sync a second machine with it. On your second machine, Open Settings > Data & Sync and click on the Setup profile sync button. You'll be prompted to make a local backup of your configuration again, make sure you keep this in a safe place.

On the new screen, select the Work cloud profile as the one you want to sync with, followed by Next.

You can create more than one cloud profile, (e.g. one for Work, another for Home). If you don't want to join an existing cloud profile, click the create button.
Choose the cloud profile you added before

Give this machine a name, again, to help you keep track of which machines are syncing with the Work cloud profile e.g. Windows PC. When you're done, press Next.

Give this machine a name

Finally, there's one last chance to review your options before completing the setup.

At this point, any configuration on this machine (WindowsPC) will be replaced with the Work profile pulled from the cloud and you may need to sign-in to some accounts.

Review your options before completing setup

When you're happy, click on Done, and in a few moments Wavebox will start making the necessary changes to the profile on this machine.

You can add more than two machines to a single cloud profile, keeping them all in sync. For example, you could have a Work PC, Laptop and Home PC all kept in sync.

Managing & disabling Sync

At any point, you can manage what Wavebox is syncing. Go to Settings > General > Data & Sync and click on the Manage button.

Wavebox shows which machines are being synced and also what parts of Wavebox are being synced. So for this example, the Work cloud profile is synced with Windows PC, and we turned everything on.

If you want to check that sync is working, you can use the Status button to see an overview of all sync components and their current status. This is helpful if you think something isn't working as expected.