1. Publishing Changes

  • Launch the Live Profile by going to My Wavebox > Live Profiles or selecting it from your Profile menu (top-right).  It will have the prefix 'Admin'.
  • Make your changes, then click Publish at the bottom of the profile window.
  • Changes are replicated instantly for users.
  • You can use Connect, or a Workspace widget to inform users of an update to the Live Profile.

2. Workspaces

  • Any Workspace included in the Live Profile will be shared with the team, even one that has not been shared with the team.
  • However, users cannot edit a workspace unless it has been shared with the team.
  • To share a workspace click on the Workspaces icon in the webdock
  • Click the Burger Menu (top-left) and go to the correct workspace, hover over it, and click on the kebab menu (three dots). Then hover over Share to Team and choose the team.
  • If you don't want to include a workspace, you can delete the workspace called ‘My Workspace.’  However, you must keep the ‘New Tab Page’ workspace.

3. Connect Chat & Calls

  • To use Connect, you must create a Team for the Live Profile (see Step 1 at the beginning of this article).
  • A user will see the Connect icon in the top toolbar (blue and white speech bubble) if Connect is enabled for them.  Click on it to expand the Connect sidebar on the right.
  • Each Team user's avatar in the sidebar will represent them. Hover over the avatar to send a quick DM, click to chat, start a voice/video call, or share your screen. Go to My Wavebox > My Account to rename or change your avatar.
  • Click on the Connect icon again to toggle the sidebar width. Click twice for the broadest view for voice/video calls and screen-sharing.

Up Next

Need Help?

Wavebox Live is a brand-new service, so bugs are possible.  Please report any bugs to support(at)wavebox.io, and we will investigate them immediately.

If you want to help test Live Profile, please send a request to support(at)wavebox.io, and we will enable it in your My Wavebox.  You can easily test Live Profiles alongside existing profiles to ensure continuity during this initial trial period.